As a full member of the European Union, gaining a Cypriot passport gives you the freedom to visit, work and even live in any other EU member state. However, if you choose to visit Cyprus frequently you’ll benefit from year-round desirable weather, close proximity to Asia and Africa, and the lowest crime rate in Europe (and ranked 5th safest in the world!)


High-value investors who have access to at least €2 million can meet the requirements of Cyprus’ citizenship by investment program.

To be eligible for citizenship through Cyprus’ program, you must:

  • Invest in real estate, Cypriot businesses/companies, or stocks and bonds
  • Purchase a private residence valued at £500,000 or more

  • Maintain a clean criminal record

You also need to make sure that you apply for a residence permit along with your citizenship application.

About the investment routes

  1. Real estate – This is the most popular investment route due to its flexibility. You are free to let the properties you invest in, and can benefit from strong returns after a number of years. More information about this investment route can be found in ‘Frequently asked questions’.

  2. Cypriot businesses or companies – You can either purchase and take over, or participate in, a Cyprus-based business or company that operates in Cyprus. This business must employ at least five Cypriot citizens and have a clear presence in the country. Any type of business qualifies as long as these criteria are met.

  3. AIFs or financial assets – You can invest in a variety of financial assets including Alternative Investment Funds, bonds or other securities that are in companies regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Take an in-depth look at the requirements of Cyprus’ citizenship by investment programme