Cyprus’ citizenship scheme for investors is the fastest program of its kind in Europe. However, its hefty investment requirements make it suitable for only the highest value investors.

Cypriot Citizenship via Investment is easy and straightforward. You are only required to invest €2,000,000 in government bonds, real estate, or financial assets of Cypriot companies or organisations. In all cases except investments in real estates, you must also possess a permanent privately-owned residence in Cyprus, the purchase price of which must be at least €500.000, plus VAT.

Full EU Citizenship in just four months!

One of the main objectives of the economic policy of Cyprus is to encourage foreign direct investment and to attract high-net-worth individuals to settle and do business in Cyprus. The key factors that make Cyprus an attractive destination for investment are the highly specialised human capital, the reliable legislative and regulatory framework, the stable tax system, and the safe and stable conditions prevailing in the country.