Main benefits of Maltese citizenship

Once applicants are granted Malta citizenship -which includes EU citizenship-, they have the right of establishment in all 28 EU countries and Switzerland. They also have the ability to set up a business or work in any EU country and enjoy visa-free travel to more than 160 countries including the United States and Canada.

No requirement to reside in Malta

Under the Maltese Citizenship by Investment Programme, you do not need to live in Malta and there is no maximum or minimum residential requirement.

Full EU Passport for whole family in just 12 months

All your close family members, including your dependent adult children aged up to 26 and dependent parents above 55 years old, can benefit from the programme.

Right to live, study or reside in any EU Country

EU citizenship giving right of establishment in all the 28 EU countries, including France, Germany and Italy.

Benefit from a tax‐efficient jurisdiction

Taxation under the Maltese tax system is based on domicile and residence – not citizenship. Therefore, there is no tax on income received outside of Malta.

Visa Free travel to more than 160 countries

Maltese citizenship provides visa‐free travel to more than 160 countries in the world, including the USA, Canada, Australia and almost all Western countries.

We can help you to become an EU Citizen in just 12 months. Please contact us for further information..