The investment must be maintained for at least five years, and funded by money sourced abroad. All investments must be made prior to submitting your golden visa application, otherwise it will not be accepted.

A capital investment relates to funds which are being invested in businesses usually for long-term use. This could be long-term assets, working capital, or equity stakes.

  • To obtain a golden visa, you may complete a capital transfer of funds from abroad to a bank or institution in Portugal. You can choose one of four investment streams and invest the following amounts:
  • Funding of arts and culture (at least €250,000) – You must invest in programmes which support the arts (e.g. music, theatre, filmmaking), or that help to preserve national heritage. This may include restoring buildings, landmarks, monuments, and places of cultural or historic significance. The investment amount may be reduced by 20% (to €200,000) if the investment is made in an area of low population density.

  • Funding of research activities (at least €350,000) – You must invest in research that is undertaken by either public or private scientific institutions, such as national projects regarding the advancement of scientific or technological systems. The investment amount may be reduced by 20% (to €280,000) if the investment is made in an area of low population density.

  • Capitalisation on SMEs (at least €500,000) – You must purchase shares in investment funds, or in venture capital that will fund small or medium-sized enterprises. The company receiving your funds should have a viable long-term plan for spending the capital you invest in their business.

  • Freedom to invest (at least €1million) – You are free to invest your funds in company shares, bonds, securities, and savings certificates.

As a law firm, we cannot advice our clients about their investment routes, however, we assist them to find a regulated financial advisor. To find out more about how we can help you, contact us by calling +44  203 971 5088.

  • Proof of your investment (as this needs to be made before submitting your application)
  • Passport and a valid Schengen visa
  • Portuguese Fiscal number (an ID number issued by the Portuguese Tax Authorities before your investment can be made)
  • A copy of your criminal record from your country of residence
  • A copy of your Portuguese criminal record
  • A declaration from the Tax department confirming you owe no debts to the Tax authorities
  • A declaration from Social Security proving the absence of debts to Social Security Authorities
  • A declaration from the investor confirming compliance with the investment requirements
  • Confirmation of health insurance valid in Portugal, or that you have access to public health services (if living in Portugal)
  • Receipt of payment of the initial application fee.

Documents need to be in Portuguese or English language. If not, they should be translated into Portuguese and translation needs to be legalised with an ‘apostille of the Hague’. This is a small certificate which is stamped and affixed to your documents, and is recognised internationally as a mark of authentication.