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We are a British consultancy firm with offices in London, Malta, Dubai, Istanbul and Lisbon, from which we provide trustworthy, confidential advice to our clients about their strategic decisions.

Our Golden Visa as well as Citizenship by Investment programmes enable investors and their family members to acquire a residency permit and/or citizenship status in an EU/non-EU country. Thus acquiring them with free movement rights worldwide as well as having some programmes offering investors, including their dependants, the right to live, work and study in their chosen country.

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October 23 - October 28
We are happy to arrange a free consultation with our Golden Visa lawyer's in Lisbon. If the Portuguese Golden Visa is the programme that you are inter

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Analysis revels that an approximate 35,000 people have invested in a passport2018-10-15

The growth of the citizenship by investment market has been ferocious in the last few years. Existing programmes have seen dramatic rises whilst new programmes are added to the market. With interest and demand rising, the question stands as to how...

News & Updates

The British Embassy’s Department of International Trade (DIT) in Lisbon presents Coates Global with one of their prestigious business awards2018-10-06

On Wednesday 3rd October 2018, Coates Global was proudly awarded with one of DIT’s acclaimed business awards for contributing to the British-Portuguese international trade relationship. New to the market, Coates Global attained the DIT business awa...